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Some owners allow pets, but some do not. Each rental listing clearly states if pets are allowed and any conditions you need to consider. You will also need to register your pet with the city and screen them through our screening platform found here, where you will be asked to provide pedigree and vaccination documents, along with references and photos.

The simple answer is, no. However, if you need to break your lease, you will be required to follow our breaking lease guidelines. 

  • You will be required to pay one month’s rent upon request to break your lease
  • Evolve Property Group will begin to list your property for rent, during which, you are still required to pay your monthly rent. We will only begin this process once the break lease fee has been paid in full.
  • Once we have identified a qualified applicant, you must vacate the property in as little as 72 hours and ensure that the unit is move-in ready.
  • You are responsible for all rent and utilities until the new tenant moves in.
  • All other move-out obligations will apply.

You are required to give a 60-day notice through your portal.

We schedule annual inspections for the property. 

Evolve Property Group does not allow smoking in or around the property.

Evolve Property Group does not permit tenants to do painting themselves. However, you may contact your Property Manager who can request approval from the property owner and get you a bid for our professional painters to paint an approved color.

No. We do not permit daycares or any other business to be run out of our rental properties.

Rent is always due on the 1st, but we do offer a grace period until the 5th of each month, but it is late on the 6th. We suggest setting up ACH through your portal to avoid rent being late.

Evolve Property Group follows the Florida Statute, Chapter 83.49.2 on the return of all deposits.

A resident benefits package (RBP) is a collection of services and amenities that you can only get from a professional management company. It makes remembering to change air filters on-time as easy as opening the front door with a premium filter delivery service. Your move-in concierge can turn 4 phone calls into one to get all your utilities and home services set up. You also get the insurance protection you need from an A-rated carrier, and your property manager gets the proof of insurance they need too, just by completing your lease or a simple webform. And now, paying rent on time means now you automatically get rewards and build your credit score. Whatever your resident benefits package includes, it makes the things you have to do easier and your experience more rewarding.

Second Nature is working with professional property managers to deliver the #1 resident experience to over 1M residents nationwide. They are a vetted partner of ours that powers our resident benefits package behind-the-scenes. Second Nature works in the background to make sure you have a great experience when it comes to all the benefits in your resident benefits package. Think of them as the Wizards behind the curtain ensuring that things are running smoothly for everyone.

Your privacy is highly valuable to us. For more details, please visit our Privacy Policy. Note, we will share certain personal information (name, address, or phone number) with our partners and providers in order to run our service and to resolve any policy claims.

Your responsibilities as a home resident include paying rent on time, changing air filters, and maintaining renters insurance, among others. We’ve made it as easy as possible to remember and do it properly by sending you exactly what you need when you need it, which is our responsibility. We also want to support our residents in their financial health by providing positive reinforcement for on-time payments in the form of reporting rent to the credit bureaus, ID protection and renters insurance, rent rewards each month, and an overall improved resident experience.

The air filters your home requires alone cost between $9 to $15 each at the store before tax, but many sizes aren’t carried at the store and can be hard to find. Plus, it takes your time to go buy them and bring them home, so almost nobody remembers to do it on-time, every time. We don’t like charging residents hundreds and thousands of dollars for HVAC repairs because they simply forgot, so we’ve been able to solve this problem with a high-level delivery service. The EPA finds that changing filters on time every time can even reduce your utility bills by up to 10%! Renters insurance is also included in your Resident Benefits package, which can save you THOUSANDS in the event of a covered loss. You get $10,000 of coverage for your personal belongings, and $100,000 of liability coverage for accidental damage done to your unit. We save you money by providing this great service at one low price!

The Resident Benefits Package is included in your lease, as a part of renting from our company. It represents our commitment to deliver the highest possible level of service to our tenants. In addition to helping you stay compliant with your lease by delivering furnace filters and supplying insurance coverage, we reward your on-time rent payments with resident rewards and a boost to your credit scores. The Resident Benefits Package is something we’ve worked hard on and something we’re proud of, and we hope you are too!

We’ll have air filters delivered directly to your home in a way that lines up with our maintenance processes. Each shipment contains the exact number of high-quality filters your home needs, at the time you need to change them. This acts as a physical reminder that it is time to change them.

Changing filters pays for itself on your energy bills! It also means your home will heat up and cool down faster for a more comfortable experience. A dirty filter is the #1 reason for HVAC system failures. It restricts the airflow into your HVAC systems air handler, which then strains, and oftentimes burns out the motor controlling airflow. Most HVAC repairs start around $400-$2,000 and a full replacement can be as much as $10,000 or more. Also, indoor air quality can be 2-5x worse than outdoor air quality. Your family will have better sleep, get sick less often, and feel better breathing cleaner air. It’s a small thing for you to do, but it makes a big difference, which is why it is a requirement.

Unless your system requires something different, your filters will be sent directly to your door every 90 days. In some instances, where your home requires a whole-house filter, we will adjust the frequency to meet the specifications of your system. Our goal is to match the delivery schedule your HVAC system requires to ensure improved air quality, and to reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system that causes outages, and unnecessary repair.

Yes. Once received, you will remove and dispose of your old filter(s) and replace it with the new filter(s). There will be instructions in your shipment on how to locate and change your filter(s). If you have trouble, you can also use the phone number on your filter packaging at 1-800-308-1186 to get in touch with our team of expert Filter Nerds, who can help answer all your questions.

First, look around your property for a return grate (usually on a wall or ceiling). If you find one, there will be a place for you to open the grate, and your filter will be inside. The other possible location would be directly at the unit. Look for a 1"-5” wide hinged or removable cover on it and the filter be inside. You should change either at the vent or the system, but not both. That is redundant and unnecessarily restricts airflow.

Contact Second Nature customer care at 1-800-308-1186 with your name and address, so they can investigate it for you. If there was an error, it will be taken care of promptly.

Yes, we will email you the minute your shipment has left our warehouse. You’ll be able to track your shipment throughout its journey before arriving on your doorstep.

Let me take down your name and address so that we can ensure the proper filters show up on time. We will upgrade you to a super allergen-grade filter at no additional cost.

Renters insurance is a policy that provides protection for damages you cause to your home and can also include personal liability coverages and/or coverage for your belongings. Policies and coverages will vary.

Per your lease agreement, your management company and/or landlord requires you to furnish insurance to protect the home/unit. A quality affordable policy may be included as a part of your resident benefits package.

Residents have the option of choosing whatever policy they feel is best for them. But signing up for and maintaining insurance can be a hassle. According to nerdwallet and bankrate the average renters insurance policy is $14-19/mo. With your RBP you can get the convenience and pricing of a group master policy or get different coverage on your own that meets the lease requirements.

$100,000 of property damage, $100,000 of personal liability, and $25,000 of dog bite coverage if you have a registered animal. Your policy also may include $10,000 personal belongings coverage. If not and you would like a policy that includes personal belongings coverage, you can easily buy or upload one that does at (link).

Vandalism/intentional damage, pests (ie. squirrels, mice, ants, roaches, etc), flood damage, wear and tear, theft or misplacement of personal property are not covered. Your property manager’s policy includes coverage for burglary. However, theft is excluded. theft is different from burglary in that burglary relates to incidents involving forced entry into the home/unit. Theft, which is excluded, pertains to mysterious disappearances without any evidence of forced entry. If natural causes (hurricanes, tornadoes, etc) are covered, it typically would be through the homeowner’s policy.

Your monthly premium is included in your Resident Benefits Package. Additionally, like any insurance you will be responsible for any applicable deductible which can range from $0 to $500 depending on the claim type. 

If you do not wish to automatically enroll in the standard policy as a part of your Resident Benefits Package, you can purchase an HO4 renters insurance policy and customize your coverages. Please select the “Purchase a Renters Insurance Policy” option or contact a representative if you are interested in extra coverages. 

The Resident Benefits Package policy will cover the residence up to the specified policy limits. If you choose to purchase a customized policy instead of opting into your property manager’s policy, your spouse would be automatically covered as an additional insured. 

The Resident Benefits Package policy will cover the residence up to the specified policy limits and would apply to roommates as well. If you choose to purchase a customized policy instead of opting into your property manager’s policy, roommates are NOT automatically covered. Roommates can be added as additional insureds for an incremental premium.

If you are enrolled in your property manager’s policy, please contact support for questions about transferring coverage. If you have purchased a separate policy or have a third party policy you can transfer coverage upon your move. Please reach out to your carrier to update your address.

Your property manager can provide details on their policy before you enroll. If you choose to purchase a customized policy you will be provided with details during the purchase process and a sample policy. You can edit the type of coverage and settings you want such as coverage limits, deductible, and start/end dates. Once you have paid, you will instantly receive your issued policy on the page and via email. 

Your monthly premium is included in your Resident Benefits Package. If you choose to purchase a customized policy, you can pay using your credit / debit card or ACH. You will get charged every month on the same day as your first transaction, unless noted otherwise.

Yes, if you would like to enroll in your property manager’s policy, let your property manager know and you will be enrolled automatically. If you would like to purchase a new policy, please call your current carrier to cancel your existing policy. Make sure there is no lapse in coverage dates when making the change.

A credit report is not run during the time you purchase your property manager’s policy and has no effect on your premium rate.

Basic Information: To update any information such as name, email and phone number, log into your account and click on the profile section. 
Renters Insurance: To update any information on your Renters Insurance policy, such as address or to add an insured, look up your specific carrier on your Renters Insurance policy and contact their specific representative.

Email your claim to [email protected] and be sure to include the following information: policy number, your name/contact, address, management company name, description of loss. Login at the top right corner of this page (after registering an account) and then select the claims option to submit details about the loss. If you have a third party policy, please contact your carrier to submit a claim.

Resident Benefits Package policy: Simply advise your property manager of your decision. Please note, you will need to provide an updated proof of coverage from your new policy if you choose to cancel your Resident Benefits Package policy.
Customized Renters Insurance policy: Contact the support number provided on your policy and reach out to a representative for assistance.

To edit your payment information for a customized Renters Insurance policy, please contact the support number for your carrier.

On the login screen, click the ‘Forgot Password’ button, which will trigger an email to reset your password.

Yes! Second Nature offers Renters Insurance (HO4) and tenants legal liability (TLL) for residential properties. They have earned a Financial Strength Rating of 'A' from AM Best, and work exclusively with carriers rated A+ by Standard & Poor and A (Excellent) by A.M. Best.

General Support:  (800) 673-1289, [email protected]

Claims: (844) 723-2524 (24/7 hotline), [email protected]

Premium and invoice billing: (800) 553-4471, (Monday through Friday, 8pm to 8pm EST)

Changes or Coverage questions: (866) 318-2016, (Monday through Friday, 9am to 9pm EST)

General Information: (800) 362-5448, (Monday through Friday. 9am to 9pm EST)

Use self-service platform at

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